Friday, April 10, 2015

Saturday April 11: Weekly update, +1 entry for participating. Topic: Books you would like to suggest to your library.

This week I actually managed to complete my first book of April. It was Amy Poehler's "Yes Please" I wont go too much into it, you can find my review on Goodreads or here. My short opinion on the book is you should go into it viewing it like your vodka aunt giving you life advice instead of "I want to know what Amy Poehler's favorite color was when she was 5." Cause you're not gonna know, she makes it a point to let you know she doesn't like to share personal information.

She does however give some pretty valid advice, especially for young girls. (I would have much rather had a chapter on her "Amy Poehler's Smart Girls" than why she hates cell phones.)

And now for this week's topic: Books you would like to suggest to your library.

This is tricky. I'm fairly new to my library so I haven't had a chance to go through their entire collection to really find anything they don't have. The other issue is my library is apart of the Central Libraries Consortium which is made up of 14 central Ohio libraries which means I can reserve and checkout books from all 14 libraries and they have a total of 4.5 million items. So, I mean if I can come up with something they don't have it would be pretty surprising.

That being said, there is one topic in which I have noticed my library is lacking. A couple months ago I got kinda obsessed with genealogy. This was partly brought on by my mother getting me into Outlander. That makes sense when you realize my mother's maiden name is Walker (like the cookies) so we're apart of the Wallace Clan (like the Mel Gibson movie). This was also around the time I had finally crossed the aisle from my beloved fiction section into the non-fiction stacks.

This is what I found:
From that white book on the top shelf on the far left to the second book of the bottom row is the entire section of books devoted to Scotland in the library (that would be 13 books in total). IRELAND has 2 whole shelves and Scotland can't even make up half of one. Also, 95% of the books are travel books written pre-2000.

I understand I can simply request a book from another library, but it's just depressing to see.

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