About Me

`Ello, I'm Alyssa. I'm a 22 year old living in Ohio. I recently graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in English (minored in Professional Writing and Popular Culture and look at that I have a blog, who would have guessed). I suppose I'm what you would call a late bloomer, or maybe I just perfected procrastinating at an early age (my mother does like to remind me I was 12 days late) but I didn't start really getting into reading until middle school. In my defense, I'm an odd combo of athlete and geek (I come from a small high school, I suppose we all had to overlap cliched niche groups) so I was busy with sports for most of my childhood.

This blog will consist primarily of books and reading and reviews. Sometimes I might venture in to other things, because sometimes I can't help myself with a captive audience. For those interested, if it matters, I have always preferred English and European writers to Americans. My degree forced me to take an American Lit class and I complained and moaned and groaned from the point of seeing it on the requirements until the last day of class.

Also, I am far from having read a grand collection. I will admit, most of my choices are from best sellers lists. However, I am always looking and if you know if a little known book or author that you think I would like feel free to suggest it. I grew up being one of the few who really liked to read at the birth of the internet; I was never told what to read.

Oh and if you were wondering; I'm a Jane Austen girl, not a Bronte sister.