Saturday, April 4, 2015

It all came together when I managed to finish a book just two days after getting an email that one of my requested books had arrived at the library. Perfect timing to go. While I've been chipping away at "The Greatest Traitor" by Ian Mortimer, for April I have two books that I've really just started.

Literally just started Yes Please by Amy Poehler cause it was the book I picked up Thursday. I've read Tina Fey's "Boosypants" and while I typically like to think of myself as a Tina (since I'm not nearly as optimistic as Amy) I'm getting on with Amy cause we had similar upbringing. The entire chapter of looking for danger and coming up with stories of danger as a child was basically my childhood. I used to pretend I was in trouble even when I wasn't just cause there was literally nothing else to do. I feel you Amy.

Now for the #ReadingMyLibrary challenge this week we're to tell you a bit about our libraries. Mine is fairly new to me. I just moved, you see. And to be honest, as I mentioned in my last post, I was not a frequenter of my hometown library. Technically, I have four libraries within 5 miles of my house. This is just the one I frequent more. I might do another post as my second most frequent library recently got a brand new building.

It's apart of the Ohio Library system, so while not apart of the Columbus Metropolitan Library system we can still request books from it. It's a modest 2 story library, a far cry from my beautiful 11 story campus library I was used to for 4 years. 

Sadly, when I was there someone was sitting at the table I typically occupy so I took a picture of my second most visited area. The study area balcony over the video section. I prefer the tables in the back of the stacks, it's a lot more quiet back there as most people don't walk back there. And typically little kids run around under the balcony. 

And just for nostalgia sake. My campus library, my beautiful Thompson Library, recently named as the second most beautiful college library in the country (on some list by someone, but I agree).


  1. What a venerable looking old building.

    So lucky to have a choice of libraries so close. I am ten miles from the nearest one.

  2. Wow. Both of those libraries are beautiful. Also, you are so so lucky to have so many libraries near you!! That's awesome.
    Stefani @ Caught Read Handed