Monday, March 23, 2015

Current book reading
Reading Quirks 
Reading Preferences 
Top 5 Favorite books 
Top 5 favorite authors 
Favorite childhood book 
First “real” book 
Comfort Book 
Guilty pleasure book 
Book you think is underrated 
Book you think is overrated 
First book that made you cry 
Book that’s been on your to-read list the longest 
Book you have lied about reading 
Book you own with most editions 
Favorite book from last year 
Favorite book based movie 
Book you wish had a movie 
Book you didn’t think you’d like but loved 
Book that let you down 
Book you love that people dislike 
Book you couldn’t finish 
Least favorite tropes 
Favorite title 
Favorite genre 
Favorite spine on the shelf 
Favorite character type 
Keywords that get you hooked 
How your tastes have changed

Considering how long it took me to compose the list and make the banner, who knows how long this will actually take me. I intend to do this in order no matter if there's a few days between each. Please credit if using in it's entirety.

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